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While working at the literary agency Sanford J. Greenburger Associates (SJGA), I screened thousands of nonfiction proposals, fiction synopses, and manuscripts. So I know how to make a project stand out in the slush pile. After SJGA, I was an Assistant Editor at Oxford University Press specializing in Brain Sciences. I read, organized, and readied the material for our production team. I also scouted writers for Marvel Comics as a Writer-Recruiter. I looked for writers in different mediums and helped them transition into comic writing.

Throughout my time in publishing, I helped authors develop characters, improve pacing and conflict, work through blocks, tackle tricky scenes, punch up dialogue, and make their manuscripts shine. I want to do the same for you. Much of my work experience revolves around reading on behalf of New York publishers and agencies. I know what they look for, and if publishing is your goal, I can help you get there.



Sacha W.

Choosing an editor is such an important decision and for me, it was essential to find someone I clicked with both professionally and on the personal level. After careful consideration, I decided to go with Anna Bierhaus. Luck was clearly shining down on me when I made that choice. 

Anna is a goldmine of thoughtful feedback and inspiring solutions (check out Anna’s Reedsy video on pacing, you’ll see what a rockstar she is when it comes to knowing the recipe for an unputdownable book). Her editorial assessment was generous in quantity as well as quality. She went above and beyond in providing in-depth feedback, necessary critiques, and also, a healthy dose of praise (something that was a balm for this insecure writer’s heart!). 

As you nervously await that editorial letter to arrive in your inbox (perfectly on time, I must add), Anna’s feedback will leave you feeling grateful and inspired, knowing that your book was in the best of hands, excited to implement her suggestions and elevate your story to the next level. 

I will definitely work with Anna again. All the stars!

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If you'd like to get a sense of my editorial philosophy, please check out this YouTube talk I did for Reedsy!

I'd love to work with you, apply my knowledge to your book, and to make it the best story possible.

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