Theresa M. 

As a first-time author, Anna's developmental editing advisory provided the challenging critical eye that took my novel from amateur to something with market potential. She coached me in tangible ways by providing kind yet specific, constructive feedback on such things as staying in the proper point of view, story arcs and character evolution. She also provided feedback about what was customary for my genre to help in the marketability of the finished product. By providing an editorial letter and comments throughout the manuscripts, Anna provides in one service what many other developmental editors do in two steps/two distinct services. Her approach is much easier to grasp and work into your manuscript. She was timely, constructive and patient in her teaching/advising. 

Cheryl S.

I hesitate to even express what a terrific editor Anna is. (Once the word gets out, will she still have time for me?) Ah, I hope so. She's got that amazing gift of being able to discern what isn't working in your writing, as well as ignite a fire within you to turn it into what it could be. Her process includes an extremely thorough written review, and the phone call afterwards is golden. During the phone call, don't be afraid to bounce new plot ideas off her. She will bounce back twists and turns you never would have thought of. Fast-thinking, fast-talking, no-b.s., I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring person to work with or better help in shaping my novel.

Joe T.

I've read the letter multiple times and made notes. Her sidebar comments are targeted and insightful, and all the feedback and suggestions are spot-on. I like it that she points out where the reader is confused or more description/info is needed--this will be very helpful in my rewrite. Her suggestions for characters and POV/head-hopping are excellent.